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Mapping template

Mapping templates are used to simplify the device mapping process, as they can contain a set of multiple mappings between data points. Templates are used by the automated onboarding process within its onboarding rules. However, templates can also be created manually. The mapping template view contains two panels:

  • On the top panel you can see all existing mapping templates with name and description
  • On the bottom panel all mappings of a selected template are shown

You can delete a template, if it is neither referenced by any device nor referenced by an onboarding rule. Deleted templates can be viewed and restored by clicking "View deleted templates".

Mapping template

Creating and editing templates

You can create an empty template by clicking on "+ Add template". Any template can be modified by adding mappings. The process is similar to adding an individual mapping as described above. When adding a mapping you need to select a reference device. This reference device acts as a source provider. Any measurement/series of the reference device can be selected. For the target part you can either select an existing asset or specify an individual aspect with variable.

Add mapping


  1. All specified mappings are validated against the related assets.
  2. If the modified template is part of a mapping rule the aspects and asset type get created or modified as needed. In case of a stand-alone template only a verification is performed.

Last update: June 15, 2023