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Introduction to Industrial IoT MindConnect IoT Extension

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MindConnect IoT Extension gives you very fast visibility and control over your remote assets, be these houses, cars, machines or any other assets that you need to manage.

Features of MindConnect IoT Extension

MindConnect IoT Extension provides:

  • Certified hardware kits and software libraries which can be used to bring your remote assets into the cloud.
  • Device management, data visualization and remote control functionalities through the web.
  • Rapid customization of the above through MindConnect IoT Extension Event Language rules and MindConnect IoT Extension applications.
  • APIs for extending the existing functionalities or interfacing MindConnect IoT Extension with your other IT services such as ERP or CRM systems. MindConnect IoT Extension can also host your HTML5 applications.

The features are provided through a cloud-based subscription service making the creation of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions with MindConnect IoT Extension fundamentally different from bespoke development and RAD (rapid application development). Once the application is bought via Industrial IoT store, You can start with a large amount of existing functionality. You do not need to worry about IT infrastructure (hosting, networking, security, storage and backup) and IT management (all software is available to your users). MindConnect IoT Extension also works with any network architecture, but is specifically designed to work out of the box with mobile networks.

For more information about MindConnect IoT Extension, see the Cumulocity documentation.

Last update: June 15, 2023