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History Data Upload

History Data Upload provides the functionality to upload measurement data of specific devices in a specific time frame. This can be useful when time series data of a device should be uploaded to Insights Hub before any mapping was configured for this device. The history data upload view contains two panels.

  • On the top panel you can see all the upload requests for historical data and their information.
  • On the bottom panel you can see the device selection with upload buttons.

History Data

Create a new history upload request

To create a new history upload request proceed as follows:

  1. Select a device group or a single device
  2. Click on "Upload"
  3. In the "Select Time Range" dialog
    • select the from date and time (HH:MM)
    • select date and time (HH:MM)
    • click on "Upload Data" to submit the request

The submitted request will be added to the "Upload tasks" table.

Upload task

Select time range


Limit on time range is 60 minutes for a single request.

Last update: June 15, 2023