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Device Onboarding

The device onboarding view provides automated onboarding capabilities. Automated onboarding is based on a rule-concept. You can specify onboarding rules for unique device types and all devices of this type will automatically be onboarded. The automated onboarding process contains the following steps:

  1. Automated onboarding
    • Creation of assets for each device of the device type
  2. Automated mapping with mapping rules
    • Creation of aspect type(s) and asset type (in Insights Hub) for each mapping rule/ device type
    • Automated mapping of device-asset-combinations matching the mapping rule criteria.

Right after registering/ creating a device in IoT Extension it will be automatically visible in Insights Hub. Also the location of an asset (if provided) is transmitted.

Once a mapping rule is created, all devices of the specific type are mapped. Hence time series data will be transmitted to Industrial IoT.

Once an onboarding rule is created all devices of the specific type will be automatically be visible in Insights Hub including time series data. Enabled onboarding rules are applied to all existing and new devices, which are not mapped yet to any asset. You can view, create, deactivate, activate, and delete existing onboarding rules in this view.

The automated asset creation and automated onboarding using the mapping rule can be deactivated for the environment by using the "Automatic Asset Creation & Onboarding Enabled" - switch on the top right.


Deleting an onboarding rule causes deletion of assets. All related entities to the onboarding rule will be deleted. This includes aspect types, asset types and assets on Industrial IoT side. On IoT Extension side this includes mapping templates and data-links. Disabling automatic asset creation & onboarding affects the mapping rules. The enabled mapping rules are not applied if the "automatic asset creation & onboarding" is deactivated.

Device onboarding

Onboarding mapping rule creation

To create an onboarding mapping rule you must fulfill at least the following prerequisites:

  • At least one device of a specific type (for which an onboarding rule should be created) must be registered
  • At least one parent asset already exists in Insights Hub
    All assets which are automatically created will be created as sub-assets of this parent asset.

To create an onboarding mapping rule proceed as follows:

  1. Click on "+ Add rule"
  2. Select the reference device
    • This device is used as source provider to provide information about measurements of this device type.
    • After selecting a device its device type is presented as device identifier for this new rule
  3. Select the parent asset.

    Parent asset

  4. Define the aspect name and variable names

    • Default values are automatically provided based on the source measurement
    • All existing measurements will be presented
    • For all measurements an automated mapping will be performed by the rule
    • In case the selected reference device has child devices, also measurements of the child devices are considered Variable name
  5. The final step provides a preview of the new rule
  6. Select if the new rule should be active after creation
    • By default new rules are not active after their creation New rule

Mapping rule deletion

A mapping rule can also be deleted, but it needs to be disabled. Optionally all related Industrial IoT artifacts can be deleted as well.


If enabled, the Industrial IoT artifacts related entities to the mapping rule will be deleted. This includes aspect types, asset types and all assets on Industrial IoT.

Mapping rule deletion

Last update: June 15, 2023