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Device credentials

The "Device credentials" tab lists all credentials that have been generated for your connected devices. Each device that has been registered shows up here with the naming convention "device_".

Click the arrow in the "Global roles" column of a device to open a list with available global roles. Assign or remove permissions for an individual device by selecting/ deselecting roles, and click "Apply" to save your settings.

Click the menu icon at the right of a device to access the following functionalities:

  • "Edit" - To open the device credential details (see below).
  • "Disable" - To temporarily disconnect a device.
  • "Delete" - To delete the credentials of a device. This might be required if you have carried out a factory reset on a device. In this case, the device will often loose its assigned credentials. Delete it and continue with the normal registration process to re-register the device.

Device credential

In the details page of any particular device credentials you can

  • Disable/enable a device with the "Active" slider,
  • Change the password for a device,
  • Assign or remove permissions for an individual device by selecting/deselecting roles in the "Global roles" list.

Last update: June 15, 2023