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The "Administration" application enables account administrators to manage their users, roles, environments, applications and business rules and lets them configure a number of settings for their account.


The following sections will walk you through all functionalities of the "Administration" application in detail. For your convenience find an overview on the content of this document below.

Section Content
Home Screen Providing information on your capacity usage and subscribed applications.
Managing Users How to create users, edit, disable or delete them.
Managing Permissions How to create and edit global roles and inventory roles, how to assign them to users, and how to grant application access.
Managing own applications How to manage and configure own applications in your IoT Extension account.
Applying business rules How to set up real-time event processing scripts and reprioritize alarms by alarm mappings.
Changing settings How to change account settings like application settings or password policy and how to manage the properties library.
Managing data retention How to manage and configure retention rules for your data and how to manage stored files in the file repository.

Last update: June 15, 2023