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Home screen

You need to navigate from the MindConnect IoT Extension home page to access the MindConnect IoT Extension administrative page. The procedure is described below in the following section.

  1. Click the Navigate icon button to navigate to the administrative page.
  2. Click "Administration" from the popped up panel.


You will be redirected to the home screen of the "Administration" application.

Administration home screen UI

The "Administration" screen opens on clicking the "Home" button.

Home screen

The "Home" screen of the "Administration" application provides

  • A welcome message
  • Quick links to the main parts of the "Administration" application
  • Data consumption information for the current and for the last month
  • The optional applications you are subscribed to

Dashboard information

The "Administration" home page shows information on the dashboard. These include the following:

  • API requests: The total number of API requests, counting whenever some function in IoT Extension is invoked, regardless of whether the function is invoked from a device (for example, sending a measurement) or from an application (for example, viewing the list of devices).
  • Device API requests: Counting only when the API is called from a device (for example, sending a measurement).
  • Storage: The total amount of data stored in your account. This amount can be changed by retention policies and by the amount and size of stored files.
  • Storage quota: If the storage limit per device is set, the user is restricted to a maximum data usage.
  • Root devices: The number of root devices connected to your account, excluding child devices.
  • Devices: The total number of devices connected to your account. This is the sum of the devices listed in the "All devices" page of the "Device Management" application and their direct and indirect child devices.
  • Users: The sum of all users configured in this account - both active and inactive.

Last update: June 15, 2023