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Viewing audit logs

Audit logs show the operations that users have carried out.

To view the audit log list, click "Audit logs" in the Account menu. For each log entry, the following information is provided:

Column Description
Server time Server time when the operation was processed.
Change Type of operation, e.g. "Alarm created", "Smart rule deleted". Below it, the user who processed it is displayed.
Description Provides further information depending on the operation, e.g. the device name, alarm text, operation status.
Device time Device time when the operation was processed. This can differ from the server time.

Only the last 100 logs are visible. Click "Load more" at the bottom of the list to view more log entries.

Load more


The audit log list is not automatically refreshed after a realtime update for operations. Click "Reload" at the right of the top menu bar to update the list to the latest operations.

Filtering logs

In order to easily search through logs, you may filter logs for

  • the type, i.e. alarm, operation, Smart Rule,
  • a date range providing a "From" and/or a "To" date,
  • the user.

To apply filters, click the "Apply" button next to the filter fields. To discard filters, click the "Clear" button (only visible if filters are set).

Last update: June 15, 2023