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Getting Started with IoT Extension

MindConnect IoT Extension is a component of Industrial IoT platform from Siemens. It enables you to connect different types of devices to Industrial IoT and to use the software agents and SDKs. MindConnect IoT Extension gives you very fast visibility and control over connected assets, like machines, phones or any other devices that you need to manage. It provides certified hardware kits and software libraries to let you onboard remote assets into the cloud. MindConnect IoT Extension offers various functionalities. Some examples are given below:

  • Device management, data visualization and remote control functionality through the web
  • Rapid customization of the above through MindConnect IoT Extension
  • APIs for extending and automizing the existing functionality or interfacing MindConnect IoT Extension
  • MQTT endpoint to enable performance and low latency data connection

MindConnect IoT Extension works with any network architecture, but is specifically designed to work out of the box with mobile networks.

To start with IoT Extension, it is necessary to connect your account with Insights Hub. This chapter will enable you to execute the following steps:

  • Purchasing the MindConnect IoT Extension application
  • Activating your MindConnect IoT Extension account
  • Making it available on Insights Hub Launchpad
  • Creating an asset for mapping data if not already done yet

For more information about MindConnect IoT Extension, see Cumulocity Documentation.

Last update: June 15, 2023