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Create aspect

The process of creating aspect is shown by using the example scenario of onboarding a pump. Note that the data shown in the procedure below is related to this example scenario only and must be adapted properly for onboarding other devices.


To create an aspect, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the Asset Manager from the Insights Hub Launchpad.
  2. Go to "Library" and click "Aspect Types".
  3. Click on "Create aspect" to create a new aspect.
  4. Enter the required data. Use the following data to follow the example scenario of onboarding the pump:
    • Name: PumpProperties
    • Description: Pump Aspect (from MindConnect IoT Extension Getting Started)
  5. Select the aspect category.
    • Dynamic - The aspect is used for time-series data
    • Static - The aspect is used for static data
  6. To add a variable, click on "Add variable".
  7. Enter data for variable:
    • Variable Name: StuffingBoxTemp
    • Data Type: STRING
    • Max. Length: 16
    • Unit: °C
  8. Confirm the entries with "Save".


The result shows the creation of an aspect:

Pump properties

Last update: June 15, 2023