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Asset Management

MindConnect IoT Extension works on the measured data and a connection between Industrial IoT assets. An asset can have properties that are time series data. To ingest time series data into Industrial IoT, you need to create an asset.


If the required asset/(s) already exists in Industrial IoT, skip the steps of creating assets and continue with the rest of the chapters of MindConnect IoT Extension.


Asset creation can be done automatically using the "Auto On-boarding" feature. The manual procedure for creating an asset is explained in this section.

Create an asset via Asset Manager

The process of creating an asset will lead you through the process of creating an asset via Asset Manager. Here, consider the process of onboarding a pump as an example scenario.

The creation of an asset consists of three steps:

  1. Creating an aspect.
  2. Creating an asset type and using the previously defined aspect.
  3. Creating an asset based on the asset type.


It is also possible to create an asset via Asset Manager API.

Last update: June 15, 2023