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User Management in MindConnect Integration On-Premise

Make "MindConnect Integration" available on Launchpad

To make MindConnect Integration available on Insights Hub Launchpad proceed as follows:

  1. Log in to Insights Hub Launchpad and go to Settings.
  2. In Settings assign either the role “mdsp:core:mci.user” or “mdsp:core:mci.admin” to users you want to give permission to access MindConnect Integration.
    Users should then see the MindConnect Integration tile on Launchpad and be able to access MindConnect Integration.

Administrator in MindConnect Integration

A user can be Administrator in MindConnect Integration by assigning to the “mdsp:core:mci.admin” role. Note that the user needs to log out/log in Insights Hub Launchpad for the changes to take effect.

Technical User in MindConnect Integration

After the provisioning, the system will automatically create a Technical User. You can use this Technical User for On-Premise applications and also for calling REST APIs in MindConnect Integration.

Downloading On-Premise Applications

To download the On-Premise applications for MindConnect Integration, the Software AG installer requires to access the Software Download Center - Empower portal.

For more information about the Software AG Installer, see the Universal messaging documentation.

Set Up On-Premise Applications

In case of provisioning with On-Premise offering, you will need to configure your On-Premise applications. To configure the On-Premise application proceed as follows:

  • Set up the On-Premise application according to the email “Confirmation - Your MindConnect Integration for On-premise purchase”.
  • In your On-Premise Integration Server settings you need to provide Technical User credentials and URL as shown below:

On-Premise application

(*) If you have more than one tenant admin user, the first created tenant admin will receive the emails.

Last update: June 15, 2023