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User Interface of MindConnect Integration

The following graphic shows the MindConnect Integration user interface:


① MindConnect Integration home button

② MindSphere OS Bar

③ Project search bar

④ Navigation

⑤ Projects pane

⑥ Stage in view

⑦ Create new project

⑧ Navigation bar with links

The following chapters will walk you through all functionalities of the MindConnect Integration application.

Section Content
Projects This section allows you to create and view MindConnect Integration projects.
Monitor This section gives you the view of the overall processes in a dashboard along with results executes and audit logs. It also provides an option to set alert rules to receive related notifications of events.
Recipes This section allows you to create integrations using the pre-built "Orchestrated" or "Point-to-Point Integration" templates.

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Last update: March 17, 2022