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MindConnect Integration allows you to write integration logic to integrate different types of applications. This logic can be exposed to the external world using REST APIs.

Rest API

These REST APIs can be created by using an existing set of integrations (from scratch) or by using a file containing the Open API specification (formerly known as the Swagger specification) as a template.

A REST API consists of many resource operations and each resource operation has a path, one or more HTTP Methods, and an associated integration.

A REST resource operation can be tried out from the Swagger screen of a REST API. When the resource operation is invoked using the HTTP Method, the associated integration gets executed.


Users having the required permissions can create, update, delete, and execute REST APIs.

The Integrations, Services and Document Types are now based on the new Swagger file if REST APIs were created by using a file containing the Open API specification as a template and have now uploaded the same.

Last update: May 24, 2023