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Keys and Certificates in MindConnect Integration

"Keystores" and "Truststores" are files that function as repositories for storage of keys and certificates necessary for SSL authentication, encryption/decryption, and digital signing/verification services. "Keystores" and "Truststores" provide added layers of security and ease of administration, compared to maintaining the keys and certificates in separate files.

MindConnect Integration stores its private keys and SSL certificates in "Keystore" files and the trusted roots for the certificates in "Truststore" files. "Keystores" and "Truststores" are secure files with industry-standard file formats.

Key certificate

If you want to run services that submit HTTPS requests to other resources on the Internet, your server will be acting as a client and will receive certificates from these resources. In order for these transactions to work, your server must have copies of their public keys and signing CA certificates.

To identify a particular "Keystore" or "Truststore" file, or private key within a "Keystore", aliases are used. The use of aliases simplifies "Keystore" and "Truststore" management, because you do not need to enter path information when specifying a "Keystore", "Truststore", or the private key.

For more information on "Keys and Certificates" refer to MindConnect Integration User Guide.

Last update: November 21, 2023