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Document Types

A Document Type contains a set of fields used to define the structure and type of data in a document. You can use a Document Type to specify the input or output parameters for an integration.

Document type


Only users who have the required access privileges can create, update, and delete a "Document Type".

Document Types can provide the following benefits:

  • Using a Document Type as the input or output signature for an integration can reduce the effort required to build an Integration.
  • Using a Document Type to build document or document list fields can reduce the effort and time needed to declare input or output parameters or build other document fields.
  • Document Types improve accuracy because there is less possibility to introduce a typing error while typing field names.
  • Document Types make future changes easier to implement because you can make a change in one place (the Document Type) rather than everywhere the Document type is used.

You can use Document Types to define the input or output parameters for an Integration. Input and output parameters are the names and types of fields that the integration requires as input and generates as output. These parameters are also collectively referred to as a signature.

For more information on Document Types, refer to MindConnect Integration User Guide.

Last update: November 21, 2023