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Connect to MindConnect Integration through a proxy

If you want to connect the On-Premise Integration Server to MindConnect Integration via an Internet proxy, you may need to perform additional configurations which fall into the following categories:

  • Creating a proxy server alias
  • Adding proxy-related Java system properties to the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) in which the On-premise Integration Server runs
  • Configuring the Internet proxy for use with the On-premise Integration Server and webMethods Integration Cloud


Steps given above depends on the issue. Not all steps are mandatory.

Create a proxy server alias

If your company requires the usage of a proxy server for establishing outbound connections to applications located in the cloud, then you need to configure a proxy server alias for your On-premise Integration Server. A proxy server alias identifies the proxy server and the port on the proxy server through which you want to rout requests and any credentials needed to access the proxy server. To configure a proxy server alias, use the Settings > Proxy Servers page in Integration Server Administrator. For detailed information on proxy servers and how to configure a proxy server, see the webMethods Integration Server Administrator’s Guide.

Update JVM Configuration settings for proxies

Depending on your networking and security requirements, you may need to set Java system properties related to proxy servers. Because the connection between the On-Premise Integration Server and webMethods Integration Cloud is via HTTPS, you need to set some or all of the following:

  • https.proxyHost
  • https:proxyPort
  • http:nonProxyHosts
  • https.proxyUser
  • https.proxyPassword

You need to set the property values for the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) in which Integration Server runs. Therefore, you need to update he custom_wrapper.conf to make sure that the proxy parameter values are supplied when the JVM launches.

Specifically, you need to add a property that specifies the property name and value that you want to pass to Integration Server, where "n" is a unique sequence number. The property name must be preceded by -D.

For example, the properties in the custom_wrapper.conf file might look similar to the following:


Configure the Internet Proxy

When using a proxy server for outbound requests from On-Premise Integration Server to Mind Connect Integration, you may need to configure the whitelist entries on the proxy server.

If the proxy server employs a whitelist of allowed URLs, you need to add the URL for Mind Connect Integration.

Last update: June 15, 2023