Configure Integration Server for MindConnect Integration - Developer Documentation
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Configure Integration Server for MindConnect Integration

webMethods Cloud: Settings

The Settings screen allows you to specify the location and login details of Mind Connect Integration environment for which you will connect as well as define accounts and applications.

webMethods Cloud: Accounts

When you create an account on the On-Premise Integration Server, you specify the connection parameters that the On-Premise Integration Server uses to access Mind Connect Integration. Each account looks for requests from a specific stage on Mind Connect Integration. You can define as many accounts for each stage as necessary and upload them to make them available to Mind Connect Integration.

webMethods Cloud: Applications

You can create applications on the On-Premise Integration Server to share services with Mind Connect Integration.

Check uploaded application in MindConnect Integration

After successful uploading of application from On-Premise, check on the integration cloud whether the application is enabled or not. Click "Test Connection" and the account will turn to "Enabled" state.

Last update: November 21, 2023