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Audit Logs

Audit Log allows you to access logs related to the following actions:

  • Adding information
  • Deleting information
  • Updating information
  • Exporting data
  • Scheduling an action
  • Skipping an action
  • Logging into a page
  • Logging out from a page
  • Changing passwords
  • Recording access attempts
  • Accessing violations
  • Deployments
  • Restarting integration executions
  • Resuming integration executions

To view the Audit Log, from the MindConnect Integration navigation bar, click "Settings" > "Audit Log".

Audit log


The "Audit Log" page can be viewed only by administrators and users who have the "Manage Audit Log" permission under "Settings" > "Access Profiles" > "Administrative Permissions" > "Data Management Controls".

Audit log activities

By default, the Audit Log page displays the current day’s log entries, with the most recent entries listed on top. You can sort the log to view the latest log entries. You can search the Audit Log for "User", "Type", or "Operation". The table columns displayed in the UI are defined below:

  • Activity Date: It refers to the date and time when the event occurred.
  • User: It refers to the name of the logged in user when the event occurred.
  • Type: It refers to the type of log entry. For example, "User", "Login/Logout", "Reference Data", "Stage", "Account", "Application", "Integration", "License Agreement", "Password Policy", "Access Profile", "Company", and so on.
  • Operation: It refers to the action performed. For example, "Export", "Execute", "Terminate", "Add", "Delete", "Update", "Login", "Logout", and so on.
  • Description: It refers to a summary of the action performed.

Other audit log actions

Click "Modify Retention Period" and specify the number of days to retain the Audit Log entries. The logs which are aged (exceeds the specified retention period) are deleted. Default value of the Retention Period is 1.

Click "Download Audit Log" if you want to download and export log entries for a specified period. You can download Audit logs only up to 30 days.

Last update: May 24, 2023