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Application operations

MindConnect Integration provides pre-configured applications. These applications contain SaaS provider-specific information that enables you to connect to a particular SaaS provider. Further, each application uses an account to connect to the provider's backend and perform "Operations".


Only users who have the required permissions under "Settings" > "Access Profiles" > "Administrative Permissions" > "Functional Controls" > "Operations" can create, update, or delete Operations.

Each application comes with a predefined set of "Operations". You can also create your own custom "Operations" and also edit/ delete them. The screen lists all the available "Operations" for a selected application including predefined operations.

Application operation

Create or edit custom Operations

To create or edit a custom operation, proceed as follows:

  1. From the MindConnect Integration navigation bar, click "Applications".
  2. Select an application from the list, and then click "Operations".
    To use an application, you are required to agree to the summary of terms. Therefore click "I agree" to use the application.
  3. You can do the following tasks from the operations screen:
    • Click "Add new Operation" to create a new operation.
    • Select an operation and click "Edit" to update an existing operation.
    • Click "Delete" to delete an existing operation.
    • Click "Show Signature" to view the input and output signature of the operation.
    • Click "Test" to test the operation.

Select functional area:

The option to select the functional area for the "Siemens Insights Hub" application is available under “Projects” > “Applications” > “Operations” > “Add New Operation”. The “Select functional area” field is visible only once the application account is selected from the “Select account” field.

Select functional area

Show signature:

Click the "Show Signature" option to view the input and output signature of the operation. The input and output fields cannot be edited. This option is available for all predefined and custom Operations. Click the input and output fields to view the field properties. From the input or output pane, click the icon to copy a field. Depending on the context, you can either paste the field or the field path.


Click the "Test" option and in the test dialog box, specify the "Account name" and the "Input data". If an operation does not have an input signature, the input fields are not displayed. The "Test" option is available for all predefined and custom operations.


Click "Run" to test the operation and view the test results in the test results window. Click the icon beside "Result" if you want to go back to the test dialog box and enter another set of values. The last 5 test results are also displayed and are applicable only for the same test operation run, that is, if you close the test results window, you will not be able to view the test results later. Further, a test result appears in red color if the test run is unsuccessful and appears in green color for a successful test run.

Last update: November 21, 2023