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MindConnect Hardware Release Notes


  • MindSphere provides a highly reliable system, however the MindConnect can be affected by system internal incidents.
  • The MindConnect system sends data into the MindSphere. If the data provider (e.g. OPC server) is not available a value "0" with a bad quality code will be sent up. To see the quality code in the IoT model it is necessary that the quality code is always turned on at the creation of aspects.
  • We recommend to use an OPC UA server as data source with a certificate.
  • For a connection to MindSphere Region China 1 the MindConnect Nano/IoT2040 has to have a firmware V3.3.00.04. or higher.

MindConnect Software Agent

What's new?

  • Within this release, MCSA in Docker supports STRING data type for Rockwell protocol.

Known issues:

  • File transfer needs to be re-configured after firmware update, if it had been configured before.
  • If you have used MindConnect Software Agent V03.06.00.00 b008 for a longer time, it is recommended to install a newer MindConnect Software Agent version by using the InstallShield setup, instead of updating the firmware by either online, or firmware update.
  • InstallShield setup has to be used to install an older MindConnect Software Agent version. This is because, the downgrade to an older version is currently not supported MindConnect Software Agent.
  • Old MindConnect Software Agent installations have to be uninstalled before new MindConnect Software Agent version can be installed by using the InstallShield setup, in case of an upgrade setup will show a message and abort afterwards.
  • Encrypted onboarding is not possible in this release
  • While adding, modifying, or removing an MindConnect Software Agent (MCSA) VM in MCSA setup all running MCSA VMs will be stopped and re-started after the setup process has finished
  • During setup of the MindConnect Software agent you will be prompted for the memory usage. As the default is quite high (16GB), please adapt this to your needs.
    If you do an installation update, this will be not asked again, so you have to adapt it within the HyperV application.
  • On OPCUA plugin, array item based write functionality is not supported.

Last update: January 25, 2023

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