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Working with MindSphere

This part of the Getting Started provides you with a brief summary of instructions described in detail in this manual.


  • Internet connection and newest version of your internet browser (e. g. Google chrome or Firefox) for online user interface
  • Internet connection for MindConnect Element devices.
  • Provide standard HTTPS capabilities for MindConnect Elements - outbound HTTPs connection(s) on port 443
  • Link to the online Launchpad with user and password data as supplied by Siemens
  • Device (PC, tablet etc.) with minimum screen resolution of 1024x768

Configuring steps

Prepare MindConnect Elements for MindSphere:

  1. Mount MindConnect Nano/IoT2040 on your physical asset.
  2. Connect MindConnect Elements to power supply and the Internet.

Onboard MindConnect Elements:

  1. Log in to your MindSphere account.
  2. Configure your asset and MindConnect Element which is mounted to your physical asset.
  3. Configure network settings of MindConnect Elements and proxy as needed to establish Internet connection to MindSphere.
  4. Upgrade to the newest firmware version.
  5. Establish the initial connection (onboarding) by transferring the configuration manually by USB stick.

Configure data collection with Asset Manager

  1. Log in to MindSphere with your account.
  2. Create an asset in Asset Manager.
  3. Configure the data points you want to use.
  4. MindConnect Elements receives the configuration from MindSphere via an existing Internet connection.
  5. MindConnect Elements starts the data acquisition.
  6. The timeseries can be displayed in Operations Insight.

Visual analysis of assets with Operations Insight

  1. Monitor assets in different views.
  2. Monitor aspects and events.

For more information about visualizing assets, aspects and event in Operations Insight application, refer to Operations Insight documentation.

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Last update: November 2, 2022