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Notes on usage


Possible functional restrictions in case of non-validated plant operation.

The device is tested and certified on the basis of the technical standards. In rare cases, functional restrictions can occur during plant operation.

Validate the correct functioning of the plant to avoid functional restrictions.

MindSphere provides a highly reliable system, however the MindConnect can be affected by system internal incidents.


Use in an industrial environment without additional protective measures.

This device was designed for use in a normal industrial environment according to IEC 60721-3-3.


Firmware MiniWeb versions

The connection to a SIMOCODE, SIMOTION, SINAMICS OPC UA Server cannot reestablish automatic if the used Firmware has a MiniWeb version is less than V5.1. It's recommended to upgrade to a new Firmware version of the SIMOCODE, SIMOTION, SINAMICS device.

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Last update: October 4, 2022