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LED lights of MindConnect Nano

LED lights

The LED lights status provide information on efficient self-diagnostics. The following graphics show the LED lights of the MindConnect Nano:


LED lights - bottom view 1


LED lights - bottom view 2

The following table shows the meanings of the LED lights:

LED-Name Status Description
Power on
System restart
L1-RUN/STOP ORANGE - No connection to proxy·
- No connection to Insights Hub
Blinking ORANGE Connection to Insights Hub is being established.
Blinking GREEN Onboarding is in progress.
GREEN MindConnect Nano is onboarded to Insights Hub.
L2 - ERROR Blinking ORANGE Firmware update active.
ORANGE - No connection to the data sources
Blinking RED - Data loss
RED Firmware update error
L3 - MAINT Blinking ORANGE USB stick is active:
- Installing USB configuration
ORANGE Onboarding failed:
- Configuration file on the USB stick is not valid
Blinking RED - USB stick Error

You can find more information about LED error codes in section Troubleshooting for MindConnect Nano.

For more information about MindConnect Nano, see MindConnect Nano documentation.

Last update: January 22, 2024