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LED lights of MindConnect IoT2050

The LED lights status provide information on efficient self-diagnostics.

The following LED lights are MindConnect IoT2050 features:

LED-Name Status Description
PWR GREEN Power on
STAT GREEN/RED System status
USER 1 GREEN/ORANGE/RED Programmed for Industrial IoT, see details below
USER 2 GREEN/ORANGE/RED Programmed for Industrial IoT, see details below

The following graphics show the LED lights of the MindConnect IoT2050:


LED lights - front view 1


LED lights - front view 2

The following table describes the device behavior associated when a different USER LED status is displayed:

Name Status Description
STAT GREEN OS is running
RED OS is not running
USER 1 Blinking ORANGE - After switching device on: MindConnect IoT2050 is starting up.
- Connection to Insights Hub is being established.
ORANGE - No connection to cloud.
- Onboarding failed.
Blinking GREEN Onboarding is in progress.
GREEN MindConnect IoT2050 is onboarded to Insights Hub.
USER 2 Blinking ORANGE Data loss.
ORANGE No connection to data source.
Blinking GREEN - Firmware update active.
- USB stick active.
Blinking RED - USB stick error.
- System error.
RED Firmware update error

You can find more information about LED error codes in section Troubleshooting for MindConnect IoT2050.

For more information about MindConnect IoT2050, see MindConnect IoT2050 documentation.

Last update: January 22, 2024