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Functional overview of MindSphere

This part of Getting Started outlines the functional overview of MindSphere.

MindSphere offers the means to monitor asset status as well as support maintenance and services. This requires sensor data, the tools to collect and transfer data as well as intelligent software that offers the monitoring and support functions.

MindConnect Elements provide the hardware for collecting data from assets and transferring it into MindSphere, which includes hosting via a web user interface.


With MindSphere and MindConnect Elements you can:

  • Create and manage users and customers
  • Create, manage and change assets in MindSphere
  • Onboard MindConnect Elements to MindSphere in order to collect data from your assets and transfer it to MindSphere
  • Collect data from data sources (S7, OPC UA) via MindConnect Elements
  • Visualize the uploaded data (timeseries)
  • Display datapoints and open events of an asset
  • Manage the connected assets and automate rules

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Last update: October 4, 2022