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Checking package upon delivery

  1. When accepting a delivery, please check the package for visible transport damage.
  2. If any transport damage is present at the time of delivery, submit a complaint at the shipping company in charge. Have the shipper confirm the transport damage immediately.
  3. Unpack the device at its installation location.
  4. Keep the original packaging in case you have to transport the unit again.

Damage to the device during transport and storage

If a device is transported or stored without packaging, shocks, vibrations, pressure and moisture may impact the unprotected unit. Damaged packaging indicates that ambient conditions may have already had a massive impact on the device.
The device may be damaged.
Do not dispose of the original packaging: Pack the device during transportation and storage.

  1. Check the content of the packaging and any accessories you may have ordered for completeness and damage.

  2. Device

  3. DC connecting terminal, already plugged into the device.
  4. One mounting accessory kit including: 1 x Rail clamp, 2 x mounting brackets and screws.

  5. If the content of the package is incomplete, damaged or does not match your order, inform the responsible delivery service immediately.

Electric shock and fire hazard due to damaged device

A damaged device can be under hazardous voltage and trigger a fire in the machine or plant. A damaged device has unpredictable properties and states.
Death or serious injury could occur.
Make sure that the damaged device is not inadvertently installed and put into operation. Label the damaged device and keep it locked away. Return the device for immediate repair.

Damage from condensation

If the device is subjected to low temperatures or extreme fluctuations in temperature during transportation, for example in cold weather, moisture could build up on or inside the HMI device.
Moisture causes a short circuit in electrical circuits and damages the device. In order to prevent damage to the device, proceed as follows: - Store the device in a dry place. - Bring the device to room temperature before starting it up. - Do not expose the device to direct heat radiation from a heating device. - If condensation develops, wait approximately 12 hours or until the device is completely dry before switching it on.

  1. Please keep the enclosed documentation in a safe place. It belongs to the device. You will need the documentation when you commission the device for the first time.

  2. Write down the identification data of the device.


Mounting and installing process is applicable for MindConnect Nano and MindConnect IoT2040.

Last update: January 22, 2024