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5. Onboarding Process

1. Login

Access the MindSphere Launchpad by clicking on the link provided via E-Mail by MindSphere.


2. Asset Manager

Open the Asset Manager and create a new asset from type MindConnect IoT2040 (see Getting Connected to MindSphere).

Asset Manager

3. Enable Connection to MindConnect Element

Enter the MindConnect IoT2040 InfoID. The rating plate is located on the back panel of the device.

Connection to mindconnect element

4. Configuring network settings

  1. Select the asset in the "Asset" tab.
  2. Click on the asset icon e.g. MindConnect IoT2040.
  3. Click on Setting next to "Status".
  4. Activate DHCP if a DHCP server is available in your company network or enter the respective information for static IP address.
  5. Enter the proxy data area "Communication Settings" if necessary and click "Save".

Configure network settings

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Last update: February 16, 2022