Uploading the files/objects to the folder or Data Explorer - Developer Documentation
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Uploading the files/objects to the folder or Data Explorer

You can upload the files/objects to the folder or "Data Explorer". The files/objects are uploaded with different formats.


To upload the files/objects into Integrated Data Lake, follow the steps below:

  1. In the "Data Explorer" window, click "Upload Objects".


  2. In the Upload Objects, click "Add Files" and select the files/objects to be uploaded.


  3. Click "Upload".


  • A maximum of 30 files/objects with 5 GB per file can be uploaded.
  • If duplicate files/objects are uploaded (with same name or different size with same name), the recently uploaded file/object will overwrite the existing file/object.
  • If you refresh the page while ongoing upload operation, the browser will prompt the confirmation message.
  • You will be notified with a warning message, when you try to access other pages/module during upload.
  • The file size greater than 400mb is recommended to download through API.
  • Click edit icon button to change the path.
  • Click Remove file button to remove the file from the list.
  • Upload into "Time Series Import" folder will not be allowed in Integrated Data Lake.


Uploading of files/objects is successful and the upload status can be viewed.


In Data Explorer, click "Refresh View" button to view the uploaded files/objects in the table.

Last update: June 15, 2023