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Exploring Metadata Management

Metadata Management is a key element of the data management in the Integrated Data Lake application. It involves the systematic organization, storage, retrieval and maintenance of metadata. Metadata Management includes information on the characteristics, origin, usage and connections of the actual data stored in the Integrated Data Lake.

In Integrated Data Lake, metadata is available in the form of values and can be provided in folders or objects. Metadata values provides a way to categorize content, focus on key concepts or themes. Integrated Data Lake introduces the structured approach of metadata by utilizing key-value pairs. Users can configure metadata keys, metadata collections, and define rules that control the behavior of these collections.

Metadata Management is a well-organized and functional behavior Integrated Data Lake, which serves as a fundamental framework and plays an important role in enhancing user decision, data quality and contributing to the overall success of data-driven initiatives.


Metadata Management is available only for Virtual Private Cloud.

Metadata Management offers the following benefits:

  • Metadata Management enables efficient data exploration by providing detailed information about the contents of the Integrated Data Lake. User can easily search and locate relevant datasets based on the attributes such as file type, creation dates or keywords.
  • Metadata Management enhances raw data by providing insights into its structure, format and meaning. In the large and complex Integrated Data Lake environments, it is essential for users to understand the context of the data to ensure precise interpretation and effective utilization.
  • Metadata Management is required for enforcing access control policies and ensuring restricted access. It plays an important role in providing conditional access permissions within the access control policies, which are essential for data security.
  • Metadata Management enables connecting various consumer applications to the data storage, enabling Integrated Data Lake as a single source of data storage.

The following image shows the user interface of the metadata collection screen:


① Adds a new custom collection.

② Adds a new key in global collection.

③ Filters the keys available in global collection by draft or published status.

④ Displays the list of keys available in global collection.

⑤ Edits a custom collection.

⑥ Adds a new key in custom collection.

⑦ Displays the list of keys available in custom collection.

Last update: February 13, 2024