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Exploring Data Explorer

Data Explorer feature enables you to explore the folders created by you and other subtenants. From the application, you can use the functionality of breadcrumb, upload, download, create the folder, sort and pagination.

You can view the data in the folders and objects available in Integrated Data Lake. The following screenshot displays the folders and objects in Data Explorer screen:

Tenant admin view


① Breadcrumb

② Refresh the page to get the latest data

③ Upload the objects

④ Creates the new folder

⑤ Delete the objects

⑥ Search objects/files with object name, metadata or both

⑦ Copy the object path

⑧ Displays Object View details and adds the metadata tags to the folder and object

⑨ Download the object

⑩ Deleted subtenant symbol


  • The subtenant users are permitted to access only those folders created by themselves, but not the folders created by other users.
  • Tenant admin can see the folder/files created by subtenant user and access them from the Data Explorer folder pane.
  • If the subtenant is deleted, uploading objects and adding metadata tags are not allowed.

Subtenant user view



Data Explorer folder pane is not accessible for the subtenant user.

Last update: June 15, 2023