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Event Subscription

Event Subscription allows you to subscribe to the events in order to receive notifications. To get notifications, register to notification Service for AWS account published by Integrated Data Lake service. These notifications include events such as creation, update or deletion in the Integrated Data Lake environment. You can add, view, edit and delete the event subscriptions.

If the permission to send notification for a event is removed or if there is any misconfiguration, the tenantAdmin/you is notified via email to check and respond. If the status of the subscription is changed to "Inactive" on the user interface, tenantAdmin/you can change the status to "Active" by resolving the configuration.


To create an event subscription, follow these steps:

  1. In the left navigation, click "Event Subscription".
  2. In the "Event Subscription" screen, select the "Tenant Subscriptions" or "Subtenant Subscriptions" and click forward icon.
  3. Click create event subscription icon.
  4. In "Create Event Subscription" screen,

    • Enter the "Name". By default, the subscription name will be (Subscription-<<unique_identifier>>) if a name is not entered.
    • Enter the folder path.
      The notifications are triggered whenever an event takes place in this folder.
    • Enter the path for "Destination" where you want to receive the notifications.
    • Click "Save".



  • You/tenantAdmin can only change the status from "Inactive" to "Active".
  • A maximum of 15 event subscriptions can be created for each environment.
  • If the subtenant is deleted, you can view or delete its existing event subscriptions.

The Event Subscription is successfully created.

Event Subscription

Last update: May 28, 2024