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Enabling and Managing Cross Account access

You can enable and manage the Cross Account access by providing access to the specific folders. You can also grant permission to read, write or delete access.


To enable and manage the cross accounts access, follow these steps:

  1. In the left navigation, click "Cross Account".
  2. In the Cross Account overview page, select the cross account.
  3. Click "Add Accesses" from the created cross account details screen.
    The Add Access Details window is displayed.

Add access

4.In the Add Access Details window, perform the following actions:

  • Enter the prefix path or path's to which accesses are provided.

  • Select "Read", "Delete" or "Write" permission for the account.

  • Enter the "Description" regarding the access details.

  • Enable "Status" toggle button to enable the "Access Permission".

  • Click "Save".


The Cross Account access for the AWS account is successfully enabled.


To edit the account access, click Edit icon. To delete the account access, click delete.


  • A maximum of five prefixes are enabled across one or multiple cross accounts.
  • A maximum ten cross account accesses are created in a disabled state.

Last update: May 31, 2024