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Creating the Cross Account details

Cross Account Access allows you to enable or revoke the access to the AWS account for the Integrated Data Lake.


To create a cross account details for the AWS account, follow these steps:

  1. In the left navigation, click "Cross Account".
  2. Click Enable icon.
    The Edit Cross Account Details screen is displayed.


  3. Enter the "Account Name".

  4. Enter the "Account Number" of the AWS account.


A user should have a valid 12 digit AWS account number to enable the cross account access.

5.Check the "Select Subtenant" checkbox to select the subtenant from the dropdown list, if the cross account access is for a subtenant.

6.Enter the "Description" details.

7.Click "Save".
The Account Details screen is displayed.
To edit the account details, click Edit icon. To delete the account details, click delete.


You can now enable a Cross Account Accesses to give access for specific folders. For enabling cross account access, refer to Enabling and Managing Cross Account access.

Last update: May 31, 2024