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Adding and managing oData Contract

oData Contract allows you to add and manage the contracts of selected folders path to be used in your Mendix app via the Mendix Data Hub.

To access your data using Mendix Data Hub, you need to create oData contract(s) to allow access based on selected folder. For more information about this process, see Data Hub Guide.

oData Contract Status

Status Description
Published Contract is published to Mendix Data hub
Publishing Contract is not published due to network issue while Publishing to Mendix Data hub
Not published Contract is ready to be published to Mendix Data hub


To add and manage oData contract, follow these steps:

  1. In oData Contract, click "Add contract".


  2. In "Create mendix contract" screen, configure the following sections:

    • In "Metadata" section, enter the contract details for the application.
    • In "Folder Selection" section, select the required folders for the contract.
      Maximum 20 possible folders can be selected for a single contract.
    • In "Summary" section, select "Download" and "Publish contract to Mendix Data Hub"
      Downloading a contract is optional.
  3. Click "Submit".

  4. In Mendix "Authorize access to account" screen, confirm and accept the agreement.


The oData Contract is successfully added. You can also view your contract in Mendix data hub also.


① Displays list of published contracts

② Displays the overview of selected published contract details

③ Redirects to Data Explorer folder

⑤ Edits the selected published contract details

⑥ Downloads the selected published contract details in xml format


Maximum 50 possible contracts can be created in oData Contract.

Last update: September 13, 2023