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As a “Insights Hub Start for Free” user, you might run out of capacity in your free account, or perhaps you need an app that never stops, or more features, or a formal SLA which includes professional support.

For these above reasons, we have made available the upgrade to the so-called Basic Starter Package. This allows you to transform your free account quickly and easily into a fully productive, expandable one. The user account and all the assets will be available and upgraded which are already been configured in your Insights Hub Start for Free account.

After upgrading, you will have access to different applications like Agent diagnostic, Dashboard Viewer, Settings and Usage Transparency etc. For more information on offerings for the Full version, see the Product Sheet.


  • Once the free environment is upgraded, it cannot be reverted.
  • Regular data deletion in Insights Hub Start for Free accounts disappears after conversion to Basic Starter Package.

Last update: January 22, 2024