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"Insights Hub Start for Free" has been designed to guide users step by step through different core functionality and services. This offering allows you to access (a selection of) Industrial IoT services for free without buying a subscription plan.

This document contains a detailed description of Industrial IoT features and capabilities supported within "Insights Hub Start for Free". All Industrial IoT and Insights Hub capabilities are not available within this offering.

This document describes the "Insights Hub Start for Free" registration process and helps you to quickly onboard a device. It also allows users to explore Industrial IoT services that are available to "Insights Hub Start for Free".

"Insights Hub Start for Free" offering provides the following features:

  • Register and onboard supported devices like a mobile phone, a hand-held computer like Raspberry Pi or a MindConnect gateway to Insights Hub.
  • Explore, visualize and process device data and perform basic monitoring and analytic tasks like time series forecasting and anomaly detection.
  • Develop, register, test and run your own application using Industrial IoT services.
  • Integrate any application with single sign-in to Insights Hub from a low-code environment like Mendix.

A navigational tool "TourGuide" can be found in the bottom right corner of the "Insights Hub Start for Free" Launchpad. Based on the tour selected by the user, TourGuide will provide step-by-step instructions to explain a specific task.

The following user journeys are available in "Insights Hub Start for Free":

  • Connect a mobile phone or Raspberry Pi device
  • Visualize and process the device data and get the result details via email
  • Create an application using Insights Hub services
  • Integrate your self-host app into Insights Hub
  • Integrate an application from Mendix to Insights Hub

The following screenshot displays the start screen of "Insights Hub Start for Free" Launchpad:

Start for free

① Insights Hub Welcome screen on the Start for Free Launchpad

② Navigational tool


When you login to "Insights Hub Start for Free" Launchpad for the first time, all the available user journeys can be viewed from the "TourGuide". And also you can find the links for "Ask the community" and "Read the documentation" from the "TourGuide".

Last update: January 22, 2024