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The Performance page shows a detailed overview of the machine performance and its most relevant KPIs.


In this section, the following parameters are displayed:

  • A semi-donut chart that shows the Machine performance. The KPI is calculated based on the machine inputs. Depending on the configured limits for Error, Warning, and Success they are colored in Red, Yellow, and Green respectively.


  • A line-plot chart shows Machine performance calculated based on the percentage of progress over time.


  • The Total Production and Production per minute KPIs show the quantitative analysis of machine performance and the difference in percentage to achieve the set target (goal). The target in this case is always the theoretically possible output. Here, the measured output and the theoretical output are displayed (Measured Output of Theoretical Output). In one chart the application displays total numbers for the selected time range and on the other chart, it is broken down into minute-by-minute intervals.


  • Production over time: This chart shows the produced parts vs. the production goal over time. The production goal is calculated based on the availability of the equipment and the fetched design speed, either coming directly from the equipment or the associated product code. The chart can indicated when the production was slower than it should have been or when it was able to catch up.


  • Target Trending: In this chart, the application shows produced parts vs. the production goal, but this time visualized differently. Here, the chart always starts at 0 and then increases the counters over time. In case, there is partial flat line in the chart then this indicates a planned or unplanned downtime and the equipment was not able to produce further at this time. The chart also allows you to toggle on or off the different lines. Besides the total parts and the production goal, the chart also includes the good parts line which is turned off per default.


For other functionalities to explore the chart further, refer to Visualization pane.

Last update: May 7, 2024