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Data Visualization

Introduction to Data Visualization

The Data Visualization area displays KPIs and statuses of any selected asset. Here, different aspects of the parameters such as line and machine availability, performance, quality, downtimes, and losses are analyzed and visualized.

The Visualization area "OEE Assets" screen is displayed by default when the Insights Hub OEE application is launched. If you are in the “Configuration” area, you can switch back to the visualization area by clicking the hexagon icon icon available in the Navigation tab.


① Navigation tab
② Change View, search operations
③ Asset Hierarchy
④ Analysis type selection
⑤ Data filter operations
⑥ Visualization pane
⑦ Links to Insights Hub Monitor
⑧ Hide/Expose Asset Hierarchy

Hierarchy Tab

The hierarchy tab displays all configured assets and devices sorted under different production/assembly lines depending on the configuration. The tree icon icon in the asset hierarchy area is used to switch the display between tile view and list view. The tile view makes scrolling easier when the application is running on a tablet.



Data filtering

The functionality to filter data and the corresponding views on the individual pages according to Date range, order and product is provided.


Upon clicking the “DATERANGE” field, a window appears with the following options:

  • Absolute: To select a specific date and/or time range.

    Please, note that time ranges longer as 90 days are not supported


  • Quick Range: To select the desired time frame.


  • Time Zone: To select the desired time zone between Local and UTC.

Additionally, the user can customize the visualization by selecting the desired Shift, Order and Product from the corresponding dropdown list.


In the shift filter, you will only find recurring calendar entries with an associated time category of the type Production Time. Hence, shifts in Insights Hub OEE can be defined through recurring production time series. Please check the configuration chapter, to learn more about how to set up recurring calendar entries.

Insights Hub OEE features two buttons at the top that act as links to Insights Hub Monitor. You can either jump to the time series data or to the events of the currently mapped asset and view the available data or events for the selected time frame. Once you clicked one of the buttons, Insights Hub Monitor will open in a second tab – either showing the time series data or events.


Visualization pane

Based on the selected asset and the filter configuration, different Analysis KPIs are displayed under the Visualization pane.


The following functionalities are available for the user to explore the KPIs further:

  • Hover the mouse cursor over any chart points to get pop-up information about that particular point.



  • Depending on the filter configuration, for example, if a longer time range is selected, the chart points become narrower. Therefore, a provision to zoom-in is provided to improve visibility. To zoom-in, hover the mouse over any chart until the crop icon icon appears and select the desired area. To revert (zoom-out), double-click the expanded area.


Analysis categories

The Insights Hub OEE visualizations are grouped into different Analysis categories. The “Overview” page is displayed by default in the visualization pane. To switch between analysis categories, click on the current group and select the desired one. The content in this area will change depending on the filter configuration.


Last update: July 1, 2024