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Configuring Products


To enable proper Performance KPI calculations, refer to Section Products & Design Speed in the OEE Basics chapter.

Before configuring "Products", it is important to understand the basic concepts from Section Products & Design Speed.

User interface

In “Products” overview, you can perform the following actions:


① Navigates to the “Configuration” tab
② Adds a new “Product”
③ Edits the existing “Product”
④ Deletes the existing “Product”
⑤ Navigates to the next step
⑥ Displays the current step
⑦ Navigates to the previous step


To create a new product, proceed as follows:

  1. From the navigation tab, click “Configuration” and select “Products”.
  2. In “Products”, click “Add Product”.
  3. Enter “Name”, “Description” and “Design Speed”, “Unit”, “Time interval” and “Product Code”.
    Given below is an example scenario:

    • Name: Orange Lemonade 1L
    • Description: Orange Lemonade 1L
    • Design Speed: 6000.00
    • Unit: Pcs
    • Time interval: HOUR
    • Product Code: OL1L


    Input Field Data type or Units
    Name STRING
    Design Speed INT or DOUBLE
    Unit String (for example, kg, pcs, etc.)
    Time Interval HOUR, MINUTE or SECOND
    Product Code STRING or INT
  4. After adding “Products”, click “Back to Products overview” button and click “Next step” to proceed with “Calendars”.

Last update: May 2, 2023