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Introduction to Configuring Calendars

Insights Hub OEE allows you to set up multiple calendars for different lines. In these calendars, you define at what time the line is in a production time state or a planned stop state. Thereafter, you will configure the different calendar entries in the calendar to which time categories you have defined under the production time and planned stop categories in the time model. The calendar entries are color-coded in the same manner as the time categories. The time categories will be available to choose from when configuring calendar entries.

If you leave gaps in the calendar or have nothing scheduled, these intervals will be automatically counted as planned stops. Configured calendars will be effective only when they are assigned to a line.

Given below are the two options to manage calendars:

  • From the navigation tab, click “Configuration” and select “Calendars”.
  • From the navigation tab, click the Calendar Icon Calender and it will redirect to “Calendars” configuration.

Last update: January 22, 2024