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Navigating Monitor Dashboards

There are several ways to open Dashboards from the Insights Hub Monitor landing page.

To view a list of the dashboards you have access to, click the:

  • Explore icon and select Dashboards.
  • See details link in the Status area
  • Explore dashboards link under Quick links > Explore

To create dashboards, navigate by either of these paths:

  • Create new dashboard link under Quick links > Configure
  • Add a Dashboard link on the Dashboards summary page

Here is an example of the Insights Hub Monitor landing page, showing the location of the links described above.

Dashboard links

Expanding and Collapsing the Side Bars

Use the double chevrons at the top and bottom of the Dashboard page to expand or collapse the side bars. For example, if you want the Widget Library to display, click the double chevron icon to collapse the tabs.

Last update: January 22, 2024