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This section describes the limitations of "Insights Hub Monitor":


Email notifications included in "Configure Rules" and "Explore Work Orders" has the following limitations:

  • Limited to one email notification per minute per rule.
  • Maximum number of active concurrent rules is 400.


  • Asset status will be calculated only once per minute.
  • The Rules service assumes that the time series data is received in a chronological order. This means that if data with an older timestamp is received after the data with a more recent timestamp, it will not be processed.
  • Default value for limit actions in time is one minute. Debouncing time allows only 10 minutes.
  • After continuous data ingest breaks, only time series data for the last week (7 days from the break) is considered. Also, if there is a break in data ingest for 90 days, then the rule is reset to initial state.


  • Number of requests to underlying map service is limited to 25000 requests per month.

Sub Tenancy

Currently, the following features are not supported for sub tenant users:

  • Rules tenant overview
  • Work orders
  • Sharing Analyze Profiles

Cross Tenancy

Currently, the following features are not supported for cross tenant users:

  • Rules
  • Attachments

Analyze Time Series

  • Maximum of 400 analyze profiles can be saved or shared.


  • Maximum of Timeseries data points export is limited to 10.000
  • Maximum of 10 variables can be selected for visualizing the data (In Analyze Timeseries section, you can enable more number of variables but a hint is provided that more number of variables will slow down the chart)

Predict Limitations

This section describes the limitations of "Insights Hub Predict":


  • Limited to 20 Forecasts per month. Purchase Forecasts upgrade package to add additional 200 Forecasts.
  • Limited to 20 Anomaly Detections per month. Purchase Anomaly Detections upgrade package to add additional 200 Anomaly Detections.
  • Maximum 120K records per dataset is allowed.
  • Maximum file size for dataset is 150 MB.


  • No special characters are allowed in usecase name and description.
  • Minimum 4 data blocks and of same frequency are needed for model execution.
  • Dataset creation and patching should be of the same frequency otherwise dataset patching will fail.
  • Empty variable should be passed during dataset creation and patching.

Last update: February 5, 2024