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The "Time Series" window describes the basic use cases to analyze IoT time series data. It shows how to select the variables of an asset and visualize data as per the selected variables data type. By creating an event, the following information can be obtained:

  • Analyze the performance like produced quantities.
  • Compare the performance of the current week and the previous week.
  • Analyze the performance of same production line on multiple sites.


Time Series offers you the following functions:

  • Monitor one or multiple data points in a chart.
  • Evaluate historical time series data of multiple assets in a single view.
  • Display aspects and variables in a line chart with Raw and Aggregate view.
  • Create customize views and share data with your organization.
  • Combine variables of different aspects.
  • Compare functions for example, create time offset, that allows to analyze assets performance within different time ranges.
  • Enhanced charts for boolean and event datatype allows to find correlations to performance data easily.
  • Use manual events to log detected anomalies.
  • Flexible UI and visualization options.
  • Save an analyzed chart.

Last update: January 22, 2024