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Plugin Overview

In the "Explore > Assets" section, various plugins provides different functionality to visualize different data of a selected asset. By default the plugins "Time Series", "Rules", "Events", "Info","Attachments" and "Dashboards" are available.

Additionally this interface can be extended by custom plugins using the Insights Hub Monitor Plugin SDK.

Plugin Overview

① List view of the assets
② Lists the assets which are marked as favorites
③ Lists the assets with active issues
④ Lists the assets with active rules
⑤ Shows the tab of an open extension
⑥ Shows the overview of all extensions
⑦ Allows you to comment on the data for the selected Timestamp
⑧ Creates a manual event and a case for the selected asset
⑨ Timepicker: Selection and specification of the time zone and the time period of the visualization

Basically, you open the desired plugin and select an asset on the left side for this purpose. This will cause the plugin to update the view and show the data in the associated context.

Last update: April 18, 2024