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Explore Assets Dashboard plugin

The "Dashboards" plugin in "Explore > Assets" allows you to view dashboards in the context of a selected asset.

Asset Dashboard linked

① Drop-down list of all the linked dashboards

First of all, an asset has to be selected in the asset view. Initially, no dashboard is linked by default.

No dashboard linked

With "Link this Asset with Dashboards" all accessible dashboards in the current tenant are listed and one or more can be selected to be linked to this asset. After saving the selection, the dashboards are listed in a dropdown list.

To view the dashboards linked to your assets, click "Assets" in the "Explore" tab and select the "Dashboards" plugin.


The linked dashboards are saved as a global setting for all users. So if there is any change, it will effect all users of the environment.

Working with parameters

Creating dashboards for each and every asset and link them can be time consuming. Also changes in existing linked dashboards are hard to maintain.

Therefore you can use parameters in context of linked Dashboard Designer dashboards.

In this case a dashboard is created one time and configured with parameterized values, which then can be reused.

The following parameters are currently supported:

Parameter Description
asset Asset Name
assetId Asset ID
assetType Asset Type

Furthermore internally the selected theme and time range is also forwarded to the dashboard.

With that information you can configure the parameterized dashboard:

  • Open the dashboard in Dashboard Designer
  • Open the dashboard settings

Open dashboard settings

  • Add new variables and name it with the parameter names from above

Last update: January 22, 2024