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Creating Events

In Insights Hub Monitor, you can create events in the following ways:

  • Time series: Create manual events from "Timeseries" tab.
  • Rules: Create automatic events from "Rules" tab.

The "Events" extension shows the source of the events in the overview.

Also, the events created by other applications are displayed in the Events overview.

Creating a manual event

To create a manual event, open "Time series" in "Analyze" and proceed in the following ways:


It is also possible to create manual events from the "Assets" tab of "Explore" section or "Timeseries" tab of "Analyze" tab.

  1. Select an Asset.
  2. Select the Variables.
  3. Activate the events either from "Activate events" button or from variable action panel, click at the specific point of time.
    The selected time will automatically be taken for event, then click "Create manual event".
  4. Enter the required details, click "Create".
Parameters Description
Description Description of an event
Severity The severity of an event defines in terms of:
- Error
- Warning
- Information
Timestamp Date and time of an event.
Variable Variable for which an event is created.

Create manual event

Creating automatic events

You can create automatic events using a rule. You create rules in the "Rules" extension. For more information on rules, refer to Rules.

Last update: April 9, 2024