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The "Attachments" extension provides you with a secure way to save or open files from any device with access to Industrial IoT.

The "Attachments" extension offers you the following functions:

  • Upload, Download and delete files for your assets
  • Upload and manage files
  • Filter and sort files
    The filter in the table header searches for files that exactly match the search string. Wildcards with * at the beginning or end of the search string can be used to make the search more tolerant. Please note that the search with wildcards can take more time if there are many files.

Uploading files to the "Attachments" extension consumes space in your Insights Hub environment, even if it is done by another user.


To import files with the "Attachments" extension, proceed as follows:

  1. Click "Upload".
    The "Open File" dialog box opens.
  2. Select one or multiple file(s) and confirm your selection.

Last update: May 5, 2023