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Asset Navigation

You select assets using the navigation. You have the option of changing the navigation view.

Asset navigation offers you the following options:

  • Searching, filtering assets
  • Selecting using the map

View of asset navigation

You can choose between the flat view or the hierarchical view in the asset navigation:

View Symbol Description
Compact tree view Hierarchical Shows an overview of all the assets in a compact hierarchy view.
Tree view list Shows all the assets in a hierarchy view along with the Asset information like asset picture, description, asset type.
Card view Grid Shows all the assets in a grid view
Map view Map The map view provides an overview of the locations of your assets.
Custom Map view Custom MAp The custom map view provides an overview of the hierarchy of your assets as per the custom uploaded map images.

The search field offers an easy way to search for the following meta information:

  • Asset name
  • Asset type
  • Asset id
  • Address / country / location
  • Description

Quick filters

The quick filters can be used for

  • Favorites
  • Active issues (Assets where rules are triggered and the action "set asset state" is active.)
  • Active rules

If quick filter is active, direct matching assets are shown and assets which are necessary to display the hierarchy structure.

Last update: January 24, 2024