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Annotations are used to tag and comment on various scenarios. They can be generated on different screens within the "Insights Hub Monitor" to annotate the data being viewed, using a dedicated button:

Create annotation

At present, annotations can be created from the following screens:

  • Dashboards in "Explore" section, when a specific dashboard is in view mode.
  • Assets in "Explore" section
  • Events in "Explore" section
  • Time Series in "Analyze" section

On creating an Annotation, a dialog is displayed where the user can enter a "Description" and freely-defined "Tags":

Create Annotation Dialog

The Annotations that have been created are displayed in the Events overview, alongside all other events. A filter for MindSphereAnnotation can be applied to narrow down the view and make specific columns, such as tags or username, visible.

Annotations in Events Overview Table

Annotations are automatically associated with the root asset.

Last update: July 16, 2024